Waterproof Selfie Stick

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  • This is the best selfie stick to take under water. Use it with your GoPro remote or self timer for your phone and capture those perfect moments. Get yours today!

    • Take it under the water. Its water resistant
    • Works with all GoPro models, smartphones & digital cameras.
    • Takes photos & videos
    • Strong build & good grip
    • Easy to use
    • Compact but extends upto 40" when needed
    • Waterproof pouch included
  • Compatible with all smartphones and GoPro camera. Also fits water resistant cases like Lifeproof, and tested with several phone models.

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  • Use it under water

    Love capturing your memories under water? How about using a Selfie Stick to enhance the experience? Let our device do the hard work for you. You can take in the water with you as its water resistant, and take photos & videos by the beach or near the pool. Its also tested in salt water, so you don't need to worry if you take it under water. Get yours today!

    Strong build and good grip

    This Selfie Stick is tough and built with strong materials. It is lightweight so you can easily carry but sturdy so it can hold your phone or the GoPro. The grip is made of threaded rubber to give you a strong feel and sturdy grip.

    Compact but Extendable

    A Selfie Stick ain't fun if it doesn't extend. Well our Waterproof Selfie Stick is also extendable. Its compact so you can easily carry it around, but extends when you need it to. Capture your photos and videos at different angles.