Taking A Selfie Stick On A Plane

Pilot taking a picture with a selfie stick
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Taking selfies has transformed into an addicting phenomena this year. And, with the rise of fancy smartphones with high-quality cameras, there’s little wonder WHY they have actually become so mainstream. People around the world have jumped on the ‘selfie stick’ bandwagon and it has become an irritating trend. While there are many benefits of using this device to snap a picture, they also come with a range of disadvantages and potential threats that could perhaps even kill someone.

But, if you think that’s dangerous, take a look at the picture above. Selfie sticks have even evolved as a trend on AIRPLANES! (The pilot is really happy though). This has raised many safety concerns about whether people should be allowed to bring their selfie sticks on airplanes or not? And if allowed, what are the safety regulations and laws that come with using it? To answer your questions, take a look below to understand recent trends in selfie addiction and what different airlines have to say:

Selfie Sticks – Are They Unstoppable?

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Selfie sticks cannot be stopped. They refuse to die. It’s like even if zombies and everything that goes bump in the night attacked mankind, people would rather use those sticks to click selfies than beat those monsters silly. And it’s quite funny how most people have become obsessed with taking selfies.

For instance, people instead of enjoying a nice warm day at a beach, don’t take their eyes away from their extended phones for a single minute. They would rather carefully wade into the warm ocean water holding their selfie stick to pose, smile and capture the perfect picture, than to put that stick down to actually swim in the WATER! So, it is true that selfies cannot be stopped. They are a raging disease that will only stop with the course of time.

Did you know many people have died taking selfies too? A college girl suffered a fatal head injury when she tried using her selfie stick to click a picture and fell off a moving train. One lady died while capturing selfies atop a parked train from electrocution. A man and teenage boy shot themselves with a loaded gun while taking selfies. Even so, many people aren’t aware of its dangers. This is one of the main reasons why numerous health and safety organizations in different countries are now imposing selfie stick etiquettes, laws, and regulations. In some cities, museums and parks, the use of these sticks has been banned to prevent any fatal accident or mishap.

What Different Airlines Have to Say

Guy taking a selfie on a plane
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With the selfie stick trend spreading slowly aboard planes as well, different airlines have revealed what might happen if people try to bring selfie sticks on board. These airlines include Ryanair, Singapore Airlines, American Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Air France, Easy Jet, and British Airways.


The airline stated there are no restrictions on bringing selfie sticks on board and they can be carried as hand luggage, but they don’t appreciate the use of these devices on board due to customer safety and comfort. As a result, it’s probably best that passengers do not use their selfie devices while travelling with Ryanair.

American Airlines

American Airlines said small camera equipment or selfie sticks can be brought on flights and they don’t have any issue with passengers using them. However, they must be aware of not disrupting or disturbing other passengers, the operation of the flight, or the cabin crew. Ruling: use your selfie stick, but don’t irritate other passengers with it.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines was probably least concerned with regards to this latest trend and said it did not have any policy, law, or regulation for it. So, you have nothing to worry about. Whip out your selfie device and snap a picture.

Air France

Air France is not a fan of selfie sticks at all! The airline said they cannot allow passengers to carry the device as part of hand luggage and its use is not permitted during the flight, on board, or on the ground. So, don’t even think about whipping that selfie device out!

Virgin Atlantic

Like Singapore Airlines, Virgin Atlantic said it didn’t have any policy with regards to using selfie sticks on board. However, if they find the use of the device is affecting the security, comfort, or safety of other passengers, they could ban it!

British Airways

British Airways too didn’t have any issue with using selfie sticks, as they don’t have a specific policy for it. However, they are sure passengers can bring them on board.

Easy Jet

Easy Jet was probably the most understanding of all, saying that it knows the obsession people have with taking selfies on board. They have no issue with people bring selfie sticks on board, as long as they remain considerate of other passengers.

How Long Can You Go Without Your Selfie Stick?

Cat looking up
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(Cat: “Is that even possible? I’ve seen how addicted you HUMANS are… purr”)

People who use their selfie sticks a lot are often called “self-obsessed narcissists” and “psychopaths”. To some extent, this may be considered true. Have you been using your selfie stick a lot lately? Do you feel that you can go without your selfie stick for a few days? Well, here are a few signs that might determine whether you’re addicted to using your selfie stick.

  • You have the constant temptation of whipping out your selfie stick to take pictures when outside in huge crowds, regardless if other people get bothered.
  • All the studies related to anti-selfie sticks just make you want to use the device to snap even more pictures.
  • You think the ban of selfie sticks in museums is a violation of your human rights!
  • You like snapping daring pictures of yourself using the device.

If so, then you probably cannot go without your selfie stick for long! But, that’s okay. Just keep in mind to be safe and considerate of other people, especially on airplanes.


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