Get The Perfect Wedding Photos With A Selfie Stick

 Can we all agree wedding photos taken with a Selfie Stick are perfect for capturing the wedding day? When used properly, selfie sticks can give you some of the best wedding selfies you will see, and also help enhance your special day, particularly for your guests! So, instead of placing disposable cameras on the tables, why don’t you try selfie sticks? You might want to get selfie sticks on wholesale rates and distribute it at your wedding as a party favor. Besides, everyone has a smartphone and they use it to snap pictures at different events, especially at weddings. So it might just be a great idea!

Wedding selfies with the bridesmaids

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Subsequently, selfie sticks will not only capture your special day in the best way possible, but they will also create amazing memories that you will cherish all your life. Why? Because they prove incredibly useful when you have to take pictures involving dozens of people in one room! Everybody can join in on a selfie and be a part of an astonishing picture. Selfie Sticks are extendable upto 40 inches and can include everyone in your group photo. These sticks also capture images that perhaps could not be possible without hiring a professional photographer, such as group shots with all your guests, to shots from up high and plenty of other unique angles.

Are you planning to use selfie sticks on your wedding day as well? If so, follow these useful tips below to make your special day extraordinary.

Making Photos a Part of the Guestbook

Wedding selfie with the groomsmen

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One of the best features of a selfie stick is you can use it to snap amazing photos of large groups, without the need of extending your arm to its maximum limit. You can easily include every member of the group by simply extending the stick. Subsequently, you don’t get tasteless photos wherein everybody gets squeezed, but instead get fascinating and comfortable pictures where everybody looks at ease.

So, what better opportunity will you get to use these amazing pictures in your guestbook? Using selfie sticks will enable you to easily capture images of large groups of people in your wedding, which can then be added in your guestbook frame. This way, you will see all the beautiful people who were a part of your special day and made it even more special.

Give A Selfie Stick To A Kid

There is no doubt selfie sticks prove incredibly useful in capturing unique and share-worthy pictures. So, don’t stop guests from bringing their devices along to get selfie snapping. But most importantly, don’t forget to give a selfie stick to a kid. This way, you will even enable the little kiddies to snap pictures on the most important day of your life and participate in the action. Besides, there is nothing better than looking at pictures of kids you adore, smiling and having fun on your special day. However, don't forget to remind them on using it in a harmless way.

Give It To Your Retinue

Wedding photos captured with a Selfie Stick

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Everybody enjoys taking pictures in weddings, as they are all dolled and dressed up. Apart from that, one finds many funny and beautiful incidents that deserve to be captured on camera. Therefore, to ensure every perfect moment is captured, hand over a selfie stick to your retinue or best friend to capture pictures of yourself and all your guests.

You might not even require a wedding photographer if you leave selfie sticks out for everyone to snap amazing pictures of themselves and the entire event. However, do make sure to tell your retinues to only start taking pictures after the wedding vows have been completed. This way, they won’t miss out on the actual wedding.

Let the Bride Have Some Selfie Fun

The bride is the center of attention at the wedding day. She in all her beauty is the star of the day. So, after you two have met all your guests and friends, be sure to give plenty of time for the bride to have some selfie fun too. Tell her to snap pictures with everyone and jump on the selfie stick bandwagon too. Of course, the photographer will get exceptional formal group shots, but a self-taken version using a selfie stick will undeniably show a different side of emotion to your amazing day. You could even use these pictures in your wedding video to make it even more fun and interesting to watch.

Let the Guests Have Fun Too

Wedding guests having fun with a selfie stick

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Perhaps the selfie stick should be renamed ‘Groupie Stick’ as that’s what it is best used for. Not only will it give guests the chance to snap epic group selfies, but will also enable you to capture beautiful and fun moments together with your family and friends. Given the fact that weddings are also the only time where all your family and friends are celebrating and partying together in one spot, it’s the perfect time to get group pictures that are priceless. You will treasure these pictures for many years to come.

Depending on the size of your wedding and the number of people you have invited, you may even be able to capture the all the guests and the wedding party in one exceptional picture! So, make sure to get the guests involved in the fun with selfie sticks as well and capture beautiful moments of your wedding, along with the hilarity and fun on the dance floor, the flower girls cutting a rug with the best man, and grandma busting some moves with grandpa.

Your Self-Made Selfie Booth

A selfie stick really proves useful when taking pictures from an angle that may seem impossible otherwise. You can rotate the stick to any desired angle and capture a unique shot with friends and relatives. As such, try creating your own self-made selfie booth to have people taking exceptional groupie photos at your wedding day. You can also consider adding various props, such as big glasses or colorful hats to make the pictures more incredible and exciting to look at.

So, now that you are familiar with the tips mentioned above, getting the wedding photos you love with a selfie stick won’t be a problem at all.

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