Selfie Stick Etiquette You Should Follow

The notorious ‘Selfie Stick’ has risen to fame since late 2014 all over the world. It has particularly gained considerable reputation among teenagers, tourists, and ‘selfie freaks’, and taking photos every now and then using the ‘stick’ has somewhat become a serious and addicting trend in today’s time. However, not many organizations are intimidated with the ‘metal pole’ of these new devices and huge safety concerns have arisen, as they have become more apparent at public events, venues, and parties.

Nowadays many organizations are enforcing ‘selfie stick etiquettes’ to ensure people safely use these devices and understand the various issues, implications, and dangers that could arise while operating the stick to take a selfie. It might seem like an innocent device, but various distractions as part of its equation could cause some serious accidents, quite literally taking someone’s life! Therefore, it is imperative anyone owning a selfie stick is aware of the basic etiquettes of using one.

As selfie stick etiquette basically involves being thoughtful of the people around you, here are a few tips that can save you from causing serious accidents, prohibiting others from enjoying the view, getting into someone’s photo, causing traffic, or blocking views, while also enjoying the benefits of using one to take exceptional and beautiful pictures of yourself and your group.

Watch Out When You Are In A Crowd

The biggest protest against selfie sticks is many people using them are ‘magically’ unaware of their surroundings. They don’t care whether there are other human beings around, and simply whip out their selfie stick at any given time. Not only does this create potential risks of injury, but it also increases the chances of ramming someone in the FACE!

Why? Because you get so busy making yourself look super hot that you don’t see that car coming down the street, that dip in the sidewalk, or another person walking towards YOU. So, before you jump on the bandwagon of selfie sticks, make sure to ask yourself: “Will my selfie stick disrespect, bother, injure, or upset anyone around me?” if the answer is no, by all means, get your selfie groove on! However, when you do, make sure you take a few shots, and get done with it instantly. This way, others in the crowd won’t have an objection to you using the device.

Don't Ruin The Moment For Others

This tip goes in line with the first one. Your selfies shouldn’t cause other people inconvenience and neither should they ruin moments for others. So, avoid using the selfie stick while walking, regardless of how tempted you are to take a picture/video of your surroundings. Also, as the whole purpose of a selfie stick is to allow more people to join and pose for the picture, don’t forget to include others in your selfies. Remember, selfie sticks were created to actually encourage pictures that are far less ‘selfish’.

Therefore, whether you want your face in the picture or not, focus on capturing wide and expansive shots of other people in your group as well. This handy gadget can easily snap a photo of more than 12 people at your monthly office dinner, family reunion, or a friend’s get-together. The same goes for when taking pictures at weddings, allow everyone to enjoy that captured moment. These pictures will later be remembered after all!

Avoid High Risks & Disasters

Never HARM yourself for that PERFECT selfie! It’s crazy even thinking why most people would put themselves into a dangerous situation just to take a perfect selfie. You must avoid high risks and disasters while using your selfie stick, as being careless could cost another person his life or even YOURS! Yes, it is true. Most people have lost their lives to poor judgment of taking selfies in high risks and disasters. Why? Only to garner a selfie that can be showcased over social media for fame?

That wasn’t a reason for them to die and neither it is for you. And as much as we hate to admit it, we have all seen photos of people taking selfies, turning their backs from extreme circumstances, such as high buildings, cranes, cliffs, and even wild animals. While those pictures may be good, was it really that important to put yourself in that danger just for a selfie? We guess not! So, always be careful while using the selfie stick and never indulge in taking a ‘daring’ picture. It’s not worth it.

Don't Forget To Enjoy The Moment

When it comes to taking a selfie you ‘dig’ enough to become your new profile picture on Facebook, Twitter or Tinder, the struggle is real. However, often people get so lost in taking that perfect picture they forget about actually enjoying the moment. Get-togethers no longer mean chatting with your long lost friends, but instead mean taking pictures of the so-called event.

Similarly, many people, instead of paying attention to the environment, friends, family, and relatives around them, simply focus on getting the perfect picture. Although there is no harm in taking selfies, it is important you at least communicate with other people and enjoy your time with them rather than being self-absorbed and constantly posing for pictures.

Respect Selfie Stick Free Zones

As many organizations are aware of the dangers and safety concerns that arise with people using selfie-sticks, they have made laws to create selfie stick-free zones. It is important you respect those zones and don’t go daring to just get your picture. The most popular venues in the world, such as Walt Disney World and Disneyland, have also banned selfie sticks due to the same reason.

Besides, it’s really tough to navigate among huge crowds in places like museums, concerts, car shows, and other events. Add a bunch of pointy selfie sticks into the mix and chances are you will be ramming into people’s faces. This means, you will be well on your way to someone needing an eye-patch! So, avoid using these devices at selfie-stick free zones.

So, when it comes to using selfie sticks, keep these basic etiquettes in mind. Not only will they prevent harm to others and yourself, but they will also make using the device more fun and exciting outdoors.

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