What Is A Selfie Stick

Recording and preserving everyday experiences by taking photos every now and then has somewhat become a ‘crazy’ trend in recent times. As almost all smartphones come equipped with outstanding cameras making it easy to capture high-quality photos. However, sometimes you wouldn’t want to depend on other people to take your picture and often taking a photo on your own using the front camera might not turn out so well (the phone falls on your face… ouch!). In such cases, it is a good option to use a SELFIE STICK! So what is a Selfie Stick? We'll talk on everything you need to know about Selfie Sticks in this article.

It seems that selfie sticks are popular worldwide because of the never-ending desire in people to take selfies and not to mention the fact that selfie sticks are affordable. As a result, they are undoubtedly controversial (as people don’t leave their phones) and at the same time loved by travelers due to their handiness and versatility.

What are Selfie Sticks?

Called “The Greatest Invention of 2014” by TIME Magazine and, on the contrary, “The Most Controversial Gift of 2014” by New York Times, selfie sticks are cheap counterparts of a monopod (a tripod without two legs) used to take group photographs or ‘selfies’ to extend one’s reach of capturing pictures from different vantage points and angels. These sticks are meant to be grasped at the length of the arm and have an adjustable clamp on the other end to hold a smartphone in place. As a result, to some extent they prove better than taking normal selfies where the face and background hardly fit into the frame, as these devices allow users to fit more subjects inside a picture by moving the lens further.

While there are plenty of benefits of using selfie sticks with regards to taking pictures, there have also been many safety concerns due to which the device is being banned in many venues, including Walt Disney World and Disneyland. Some even think they are incredibly narcissistic and obtrusive, as anywhere you go nowadays, you find groups of mouth-wide-opening and stick-brandishing people huddling together for a group-shot of their own selves.

Nevertheless, the devices do prove incredibly handy and you can also find many celebrities nowadays snapping images of themselves with selfie sticks. Even Steve Harley talked about the benefits of using selfie sticks and commented “They are amazing when you travel as you can capture more of the scenery behind you. You can also be more creative shots/angles with it because you can move it around”.

Types of Selfie Sticks

There are many different types of selfie sticks being widely used around the world. These include:

  • Wired Selfie Sticks (Sticks Plugged To The Smartphone’s Headphone Jack) – As the name suggests, these selfie sticks have a pin that is connected into the headphone jack. To capture a picture, you simply have to press the button on the handle.
  • Wireless Selfie Sticks – The Wireless Selfie Sticks use the bluetooth technology to easily connect to your smartphone. These selfie sticks are the most common and can be paired with your iPhone, Samsung, Android & Windows phones. This too, has a button on the handle you can press to capture a selfie.

Why Should You Buy a Selfie Stick?

Less Risk of Dropping Your Phone/Camera

Sometimes it becomes hard to get that perfect angle for your selfie. As a result, holding your phone at the proper angle may prove impossible and this increases the risk of it falling out of your hands, hence the screen could break or your phone could get damaged as a result of the fall. And, this is the worst thing that could happen when having an enjoyable time with your friends. Subsequently, if you use a selfie stick, the risk of your phone slipping from your hand is almost eliminated, as your phone is clamped on the hooks that hold it firmly in place.

More Stability and Better Photos

One of the main reasons why people get blurry photos is due to the shaky movements while taking a selfie. Although it is quite normal, it can often cause great frustration, as all your pictures get ruined. Therefore, by using a selfie stick for holding your smartphone or camera, you will find that taking high-quality and clear selfies will become easier. Why? Because the selfie stick minimizes the shaky movements of your hands while taking a selfie.

Easy to Move Around

Many argue a tripod is better at holding a camera firmly in its place and taking photos of a group, then why use selfie sticks? Well, the most troublesome feature of a tripod is somebody has to tow it everywhere they go. This spoils the entire fun of being in a group. On the contrary, a selfie stick offers far more flexibility as you don’t have to tow it around and can simply move it everywhere you go with your hands. Therefore, it makes for a better option when out with a group of friends or family.

Effortless Group-Shots

When taking group pictures, one member always gets left out and needs to work as the ‘cameraman’. Therefore, that particular person cannot be included in the group photo and people may have to take turns to do the job. However, the fact remains you don’t get a photo of the entire group! As a result, using selfie sticks can prove beneficial, as you can simply extend your arm to move the lens away and take pictures of everyone around you.

So, if you want to get these above mentioned benefits as well, perhaps it’s time you invest in a selfie stick as well.

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